About the Fairwood Firs Homeowners Association

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Fairwood Firs is a community of 91 homes located in unincorporated King County just outside of Renton, Washington, in the area locally known as Fairwood.

All positions of the Fairwood Firs Homeowners Association (FFHA) are held by volunteers who are your neighbors.

Board of Directors (BOD) meetings are typically held on the first Tuesday of every month.  They are open to all association members, and participation is encouraged.  Because the venue changes monthly and seating can be limited, we ask that you email the secretary of the association at least one week prior to the meeting to let them know you wish to attend.  Additionally, if you would like to present new business to the BOD, we ask that you include that topic in your email.  You will be copied in an email confirming the time, location, and agenda prior to that BOD meeting.  Similarly, if you'd like a copy of the minutes of a prior meeting please email the secretary with your request and one can be provided to you. 

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Note: Solicitation is not allowed in Fairwood Firs. Parks and common areas are for Fairwood Firs residents only.